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Jul, 2019

Virginia District 10 Little League Historical Synopsis

There were 36 leagues in Virginia District 4 Little League in 1970 when District 4 was divided into three Districts, 4, 9 and 10. Thus, District 10 was organized in 1970 and Mr. Cliff Glier was the first administrator of District 10, beginning his administration when the district was organized. Mr. Glier served as the District 10 administrator until his election to the International Little League Board of Directors in July 1979. He subsequently was appointed to head an effort to establish a Little League Museum in Williamsport, PA, at Little League International Headquarters. Mr. Warren Richards became the District 10 Administrator in 1979 and completed Mr. Glier's third term. Mr. Richards served as the District 10 Administrator until his retirement from Little League in July 1990. Mr. Preston Pierce was appointed to complete Mr. Richards' third term. Mr. Pierce served as District Administrator until his retirement in April, 2006. Mr. Bob Sottile became District 10's fourth District Administrator on May 1, 2006 and served until September 30, 2023 when Mr. Donald Pedersen became District 10’s fifth District Administrator.

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