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Apr, 2024

Welcome to Virginia District 10 Little League

District 10 supports and promotes the philosophy, policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, moral standards, and loyalty to country as espoused by Little League Baseball, Inc. The intent of Virgina District 10 is that youth, ages five through sixteen, who reside within the geographical boundaries of District 10, and desire to play Little League Baseball or Softball, must be provided the opportunity to play.

Opportunity to play is provided in accordance with the policies, rules, and regulations of Little League. District 10 motto: “Every girl and boy who wants to play should be given the opportunity to play.” Special opportunity to play is provided for physically and mentally challenged children, youth and adults. They are welcome and encouraged to participate in the well planned, safe, and fun-filled Challenger Program. District 10 is administered and operated by an elected District Administrator, who is assisted by an appointed staff of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers are trained, competent, and experienced in the administration and operation of Little League programs as required in District 10. District 10 consists of constituent Little Leagues that provide the organization, program, and volunteer personnel for children and youth to play on baseball and softball teams. The leagues provide a safe, educational, and fun-filled training and games for the players. The District and league volunteers provide dedicated service “for the children and youth.”

How do I determine what league my child must play with? Your child must play within the leagues boundaries in which you reside, or attend a school that is physically located with their boundary. 

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